How does this relate to the BIG BANG?

Popular today is a theory that the big bang was actually more of a big crunch. The simulation mimics this somewhat, you can sense a bang in that much of the repulsive material fires away from the centre. You can also see that it acts as a crunch, where the origin isn’t a centre, but points in a possibility space. So you have crunching and banging. There are a few possibilities that account for the expansion we witness

  1. As clusters form into larger and larger forms, new elements are made, but when all the matter in a system contracts it creates a big bang which generates new repulsive material.
  2. The new repulsive points push the attractive material out, and as the attractive material collects together the repulsive points escape.
  3. But some are trapped, they are repulsed from every side and held in balance
  4. Or the galaxies themselves are made of elements that are incompatible with each other galaxy and so whole galaxies are repelling other galaxies
  5. Or it’s a result of selection, if all different systems are flying around randomly, eventually they will collide and in doing so change direction, those that don’t collide will be those moving along the safest trajectory, out and away from a centre (arbitrary) eventually all trajectories head out from an imagined centre, only because those are the remaining safe vectors.

So, essentially this model is consistent with big bang / crunch cosmology (at least superficially).

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