What could this mean for STRING THEORY?

In my post on quantum physics I make a observation about oscillating patterns which appear as a biproduct of the simulation's frame rate. The oscillation brings to mind the ideas of the super-position or entanglement, but might also have application for String Theory.

So, how would an oscillating point with no mass manifest in the analogue world of physics?

Well, if put on a trajectory it could exhibit the properties of a vibrating string. These can produce patterns in a number of different ways, only one of which we can perceive directly, that is in the form of gravitational bodies made up of particles. There may be a number of other patterns exhibited by these points and their relationships, and those, when viewed from a different perspective (or using different observational instruments) could be interpreted as different dimensions.

In just the same way as our level of 3D space gives rise to evolution and consequently life, other dimensions could do the same, existing in the same space and potentially invisible to and incabable of influencing each other’s dimensions. On the other hand other dimensions, while exhibiting patterns might not be able to manifest anything and may simply be of only academic interest. Another possibility could be that we can influence other dimensions, and that some anomalies we observe in the universe are a result of some novel behaviour in a different dimension.

But really none of this is necessary to make sense of this version of events. And the simplicity of this model leaves us with 3 basic categories

  1. gravitational bodies (mass)
  2. antigravitational forces (space fluctuations)
  3. mixed forces (fields, elements, waves)

... none of which suggest other dimensions, as we can observe them in 3 dimensions. But then again, as with most String Theorists, I don't claim to understand String Theory.

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