What could this mean for QUANTUM PHYSICS?

Another observation from the simulation has been that points are not just held in patterns by opposing forces but sometimes oscillate between two positions in a way that makes them appear static. This is because the point has fallen into balance where it is very strongly pulled toward a central point and, having no collision material, is able to shoot directly through the centre every frame and out the other side. Upon reaching the other side, having no mass (and therefore no momentum), is thrown directly back to where it started, ad-infinitum. To test this, when I dampened attraction relative to proximity (put the brakes on as a point reached the point it was attracted to), the points seemed to run smoothly towards the centre of attraction and did not create the unique shapes.

Taking screen shots reveals that the flicker evident in the shapes is in fact a frame by frame position change. The oscilation span reflects the distance travelled during 1/60 of a second (1 frame).

So the result is a sort of interference pattern, in which the imperfect nature of the medium (in this case frame rate) reveals something about the nature of the point behaviour. I have observed similar forms in complex video feedback loops; complex forms are created through the interference of transmission through a lens.

It made me think this might yield an answer to the big question in quantum mechanics that of the superposition. The superposition is revealed through interference and the sort of particle and wave dichotomy might be reduced to an ocsillating point, such as those in the simulation. I have no idea how frame rate relates to the real world (whether there is a unit of time that is primary) but have recently heard about how when protons an neutrons approach each other they increase in acceleration and then mysteriously stop before reaching each other. The results of the simulation would suggest that, rather than stopping, what is actually happening is they are shooting straight past each other and are held in balance where they are actually swapping places extremely quickly and then pulling each other back to swap again - dictated by an unspecified unit of time. Then the split experiment would simply be the result of the points alternating.


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Mar 23, 2018

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