Does this result in a MULTIVERSE?

The initial state of the model is that of absolute chaos and thus can create anything. An advocate of Multiverse theorist might argue that this state can not only create anything, but must create everything! A multiverse of every different possibility. There are a few reasons why I would hesitate to adopt this view.

  1. This assumes there are other possibilities and that the universe is not the way it is because it can only be one way, just because order can come from chaos does not mean that order is free to become anything, it is by it’s nature limited by determinism.
  2. While I suggested that chaos could create anything, that is only if it can do so before it creates order. If order arises first (which we know must have happened at least once - because it happened to us) then that which is part of the ordered system is no longer free. 
  3. Like evolution an ordered system that arises first is likely to destroy any other bourgening systems, swallowing up all the random material into it’s ordered form

However, there is a reason to consider the multiverse as a possibility (though not a necessity). The simulation shows that when you have more than one or two types of points, separate systems form completely independently, as if all the parts of one system are incompatible with all the parts of the other. So, in reality, if given every possible variation of types of attractors, it’s conceivable that there are entire universes where the points that come together to make them are (as a group) incompatible with those in other universes, and yet, their relative relationships with the points inside their own system might be near identical to the relationships in the other systems leading to universes that look exactly the same but are made of completely incompatible material (if you mixed two of these universes they would explode and combine back into separate universes).

The universes could be very different also, but would still be confined by the underlying structure patterns created by the interplay of attractive and repulsive forces. So, even if the universes weren’t identical, it’s conceivable that we could still sense that their structures (were we to observe them) were natural because they have the same underlying principles.

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