Are you tired of intuitive controls? Games where your craft is ready to use at the start of the game? Wanting to share your frustration with friends? Then this is the game for you.

The basics:
Have a tap around on the keyboard to find which keys operate the module in front of you, they will be a pair of letters sitting side by side on a qwerty keyboard eg: AS or TY.

There are 3 types of module each with 2 controls assigned to each of your key-pairs:

- Driver: Forward and Backward
- Turner: Rotating Left and Right
- Shooter: Shooting and Shielding

You can select a camera target by clicking on it. The final option is to toggle your module type by holding both keys down for one second.

So far this is no fun at all.

Here's where it gets interesting. Every module can connect to every other module - a white dot represents a docking point. Line this up with the rear of a any other module and they will attach, combining the controls and abilities and eliminating the need to  switch between module types.

You can build you craft alone or, as intended, with friends, all controlling different aspects of the craft.

Then kill everything else.

PS: at present nothing is attacking you - this peaceful facade will not hold up for long (as in the next update I will incorporate ultra-violent malicious AI to accompany you on your journey).

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